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1: Company Portfolio:

Kava Machine Co. is a leading suppliers of API(s) .We are much more than a Chemical Supplier. We have global collaborations with manufacturers that are located across the US, Portugal, India and China, in order to provide our clients with API(s) complete with full support from many manufacturing partners who have been successfully approved time and again by the Health Authorities, such as the US-FDA, GMP, TGA, UPS etc

2: Our Mission:

-Earning customers for life: We value relationships, earning customers for life, treating suppliers as Long-Term partners, and dealing with each other with candor and respect.

-Creating enduring supplier relationships: At Kava Machine Co., Our main goal is to provide quality products at competitive pricing while supporting the customer with professional and mature service. We want to become an extension of your business, fully supporting your Chemical needs. Our mission is to do well with what is difficult, to give our customers what they cannot find elsewhere.

3: Our Principals:


-We accept Responsibility to the highest level

-We embrace Teamwork and Empowerment

-We believe Hard Work overcomes Challenges

-We believe Honesty builds trust

-We believe Consistency in product quality

-We believe in On-Time Delivery performance

We closely track the latest innovations in the Pharmaceutical Industry, so our clients know that we can provide even the rarest API(s). We believe in achieving the highest ethical standards in business and we strive to understand and meet customer needs in a professional manner. Our clients envisage our team as a technically and commercially reliable partner for the development of their products with the quality and competitiveness they need. As a result of our program, we are continuously providing solutions for many companies in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries. These relationships are based on a rich Chemical expertise; we want to contribute to our customer by supplying high quality products, great service and state-of-the-art solutions.

Kava Machine Co. is a distribution company, involved in supplying high quality Pharmaceutical Ingredients/Intermediate.

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